1. Why is GlobalMedID.com an Important Benefit?

  2. Who Should Use GlobalMedID?

  3. How do I know that my information will be secure?

  4. What will my GlobalMedID card look like?

  5. What happens if I lose my GlobalMedID card?

  6. What happens if I lose my password?

  7. In case of an emergency how will medical professionals find my GlobalmedID card?

  8. Where is the database which holds my information located?

  9. What happens if the database crashes?

  10. Does GlobalMedID.com sell data to other companies?

  11. Does my GlobalMedID serve as a legal document?

  12. What is read-only access?

  13. How do I attach files such as my Photo, Living Will, X-Rays, etc..?

  14. Is there a limit to the amount of information that I can include in my PHR?

  15. Do emergency facilities and doctor offices have Internet access?

  16. Is GlobalMedID Tax Deductible?

  17. Does GlobalMedID have to abide to regulations set by HIPPA?

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