Instant ID -
GlobalMedID.com provides emergency medical professionals with instant (read-only) access to your Personal Health Record 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - worldwide via the internet.

Complete Personal Health Record -
Includes members photo, emergency contacts, medical history, current medications, blood type, health insurance information, medical images, living will and much more!

Up-to-Date Accuracy -
Members can easily update their PHR online anytime-worldwide via the internet.

Safe -
Members PHR's are stored in a secure database with the highest level of encryption utilizing back-up systems to provide uninterrupted service.

Simple & Convenient -
Members can print out their PHR prior to a doctor’s appointment without answering redundant lengthy questionnaire forms or simply present their GlobalMedID.com membership card to their doctor or pharmacist.

Click here to view a sample Personal Health Record.

After enrollment is complete you will be able to instantly print your membership ID card. Keep it on you at all times. Your membership ID card allows Emergency Medical Technicians and Physicians the ability to view your PHR with read-only access securely online worldwide. Your Personal Health Record is kept safe on our secure server.

Plus, as a GlobalMedID.com member, when you change your address, see a new doctor, add or discontinue medications, you can access and update your PHR account online-anytime free.

Step 1:

Click the enroll today link and choose from the available plan options.

Step 2:

Register and create your personal health record.

Step 3:

Instantly print your GlobalMedID.com membership card.

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